We strive to provide premium quality, premium cosmetics and premium service in everything we do, from SV to the most complex of prescriptions, every time. Our AR coating is done in-house at My Friend’s Lab to ensure you recieve a quality premium product. Your customers are not basic, their anti-reflective coating shouldn’t be either.

True Blue™ AR

The True Blue™ AR is the ideal option for those who are looking for a lighter filtration than the True Blue Friend™ or any other in-monomer UV/HEV protection. 

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Premium is Our Standard.


  • Eliminates Reflections, increasing transmission up to 99%
  • Decreases unwanted glare, eliminating ghost images.
  • Makes lenses appear nearly invisible.


  • High contact angle, repels oil and water, making lenses more smudge resistant.
  • Cleans easily

Anti-Static Electricity/Anti-Radiation

  • Prevents harm to the eye from eletromagnetic exposure.
  • Helps to protect eyes from CVS
  • Stays clean longer and repels dust particles.


  • Maximum protected lenses for scratch resistance.


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