Premium is Our Standard.

We strive to provide premium quality, premium cosmetics and premium service in everything we do, from SV to the most complex of prescriptions, every time. Our AR coating is done in-house at My Friend’s Lab to ensure you recieve a quality premium product. Your customers are not basic, their anti-reflective coating shouldn’t be either.

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The True Blue™ AR is the ideal option for those who are looking for a lighter filtration than the True Blue Friend™ or any other in-monomer UV/HEV protection. 

True Blue™ AR


  • Eliminates Reflections, increasing transmission up to 99%
  • Decreases unwanted glare, eliminating ghost images.
  • Makes lenses appear nearly invisible.


  • High contact angle, repels oil and water, making lenses more smudge resistant.
  • Cleans easily

Anti-Static Electricity/Anti-Radiation

  • Prevents harm to the eye from eletromagnetic exposure.
  • Helps to protect eyes from CVS
  • Stays clean longer and repels dust particles.


  • Maximum protected lenses for scratch resistance.